keyper FC is a fictive football club.

And this is a demo page to showcase how sports organisations can use sharepa.

How to use this demo page.

Try the sharepa ticket management platform from the point of view of the fictive football club keyper FC or one of its stakeholders.

As a
Sports Club

As a

As an
Away Club

Or from the
Point of View
of a Fan

Start your sharepa platform trial.

Experience working with the sharepa platform in B2B context.

1. Get your login data

Contact us to get your individual login data for the sharepa platform of the fictive football club keyper FC.

2. Manage your tickets

After receiving the login details, you can enter the sharepa platform and immediately start managing tickets as if you were an employee of keyper FC.

What you can do is:

  • Send a ticket contingent to a sponsor of keyper FC
  • Send the ticket contingent for the guest fans to the respective club

  • Manage the tickets from the point of view of a sponsor

  • Send yourself a ticket from the sharepa platform

3. Get in touch for more info

If you need more info or want to have a guided tour through the sharepa platform, please just get in touch.

Test receiving tickets via sharepa.

Experience the tool from the view of a fan.

1. Order ticket(s) in the shop

Head to our ticket shop and order as many tickets as you want. Don’t worry about the payment, it’s only a demo shop. Add the email address where you want to receive the tickets.

2. Manage your tickets

You receive an email where you can click on a link to manage your tickets.

There you can:

  • Personalize your ticket(s)

  • Download the ticket(s) for example to your smartphone wallet

  • Forward the ticket(s) to someone else

3. Get in touch for more info

If you need more info or want to know how sharepa enables fans to share single tickets for a game from their season ticket, please just get in touch.
Use case

Find out what you can achieve with sharepa

Download the use case of the fictional club keyper FC and learn more about the opportunities sharepa offers for sports organisations.

The sharepa platform is available as a white-label solution, with completely customizable branding.

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